Founded in 1829 Hitoyoshi Onsen Nabeya Honkan

History of Nabeya Honkan

Hitoyoshi Onsen, considered the “southern doorstep” of Kumamoto Prefecture, is an
800 year-old castle town with boundless vistas. It is located centrally along the Kuma River,
which exhibits many beautiful faces with the changing seasons.

Since 1829, the inn specialized in trade in weights and measures, pots, kettles, and ceramics,
acting as an inn for travelers to Sagara Domain.
It later evolved into a touristic destination,improving its facilities over the years and shoring up its services.
The noren curtains at the entrance have persisted for 180+ years,
and we take every step to meet our patrons’ diverse needs.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support of our inn.

鍋屋本館 人吉温泉


The 700 years of Sagara’s history created a traditional and enterprising culture.
Hitoyoshi Kuma, considered Japan’s most lush and sleeper destination

The most lush sleeper destination in Japan In April 2015, Hitoyoshi was inscribed as a Japanese heritage.

Hitoyoshi is 60 minutes from Kumamoto Airport and 50 minutes from Kagoshima Airport, located at Kyushu’s most southern point.
Found in the Hitoyoshi basin, an area surrounded by Kyushu’s mountains, the area is noted for its prime hot springs location along the Kuma River. Centrally located in the Hitoyoshi and Kuma region.
This town prospered as a castle town in the Hitoyoshi-Sagara domain.
Aoi Aso Shrine, Kyushu’s sole national treasure, is found in the center of town.
In April 2015, this richly historic town was designated as a Japanese heritage
for being the most lush and rich sleeper destination in Japan produced by the 700 years of traditional and enterprise in Sagara.

Japanese heritage

Japanese heritages are those places, traditions, and properties designated by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as having a unique cultural and traditional story that conveys the local history of Japan.
These various cultural properties, whether tangible or intangible, are considered indispensable to the local history.By broadcasting this information in Japan and to the world, we aim to vitalize the local region.

Japanese heritage

Kumamoto/Hitoyoshi tourism

Kumamoto/Hitoyoshi tourism

Hitoyoshi is a richly historic town in which 2/3 of
Kumamoto’s cultural assets can be found.

Nabeya Honkan as it once looked

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