Founded in 1829 Hitoyoshi Onsen Nabeya Honkan

Hitoyoshi Onsen

100% natural hot springs The bath of beauties

Our hot springs are entirely natural from the source.
The water is colorless and clear, with a light alkaline quality
that is gentle on the skin.

The rich and soft feeling of the water will have your skin feeling silky smooth when you step out. The waters are also noted for retaining heat in the body, so you won’t quickly chill after stepping out.
Hitoyoshi Onsen is in fact home to many hot springs, and they all have varying qualities.
Ours in particular is beloved by patrons, especially the women,
as it is considered the “bath of beauties.”It also helps combat neuralgia and rheumatism.

Large bath

Large bath
Large bath Large bath

Family bath (by reservation)

要予約 Family bath (by reservation)

Hitoyoshi Onsen

Water qualities

Spring quality Cuts, Burns, Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Joint pain, Stiff shoulders, Motor paralysis, Sprains,
Chronic digestive ailments, Hemorrhoids, Poor circulation, Convalescence, Recovery from fatigue, Promotion of health.
The water can also be drunk and aids the stomach
Benefits Gastrointestinal, disorders Recovery from fatigue, Rheumatism, nervous disorders
Bath types Large bath, Bath types
Views from the bath Along the river
Bathing hours 3:00 PM--12:00 AM/5:00 AM--8:30 AM
Bathing facilities Body Soap / Shampoo / Conditioner

人About Hitoyoshi Onsen

Like a microcosm of the olad Japan, Hitoyoshi Onsen is rich in nostalgic flavor.

街The Kuma River runs east to west through the town, and along its banks you will find various hot springs resorts.

While no one knows exactly how far back this hot spring goes, records state that the head of Sagara Domain soaked in its baths in 1492.
The hot springs in this current location was opened in 1910 near Hitoyoshi Station.

The water is a light alkaline hydrogen carbonate springs, and it is good for neuralgia, muscle pain, and joint pain.
Considered a microcosm of the old Japan in Kyushu, Hitoyoshi is a nostalgic city with all of the charms of a hot springs resort and former castle town.

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